Local level concentrations of benefit claims

  • Published: Mar 10, 2015

The graph below shows the concentration of benefit recipients in local areas across England and Wales. For housing benefit and out of work benefits (JSA, ESA, Income Support and Incapacity Benefit), lower super output areas (LSOAs) are ranked according to the number of claimants living in them. We can then see the cumulative total of claimants for each proportion of areas - for instance, half of all housing benefit claimants live in 22% of areas, whereas for out of work benefits, the figure is 26% of areas. 

In fact, housing benefit claims are more clustered than out of work benefit claims in general. This makes sense - housing benefit is "place based", its distribution related at least in part to the cost of housing in a local area.  

The graphs are interactive - by clicking the benefit type you can see the different distributions between housing benefit and out of work benefit. By hovering over the bars you can see the values at any particular point on the curve.