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The New Policy Institute (NPI) was an independent, London-based think tank which launched in December 1996 and closed in September 2022. It was founded by Guy Palmer, a management consultant, and Peter Kenway, an economist and planner. Over the course of its life, NPI employed some 40 people.

NPI’s principal activity was the writing of research reports. Almost all of its income, in the form of grants or commissions, was earned specifically in return for the research, writing and presentation of these reports. Most reports relied on substantial statistical analysis, usually of official data.

NPI was independent of all political parties. Even if it was seen as on the Left, it was never of it. As British politics polarised in the aftermath of the 2015 general election, the conditions that had allowed NPI to flourish began to disappear.

This website now serves as an archive to the reports written by NPI. A few of its private, consultancy reports are not included here but these aside, it should be seen as a near-comprehensive record. Reports are organised by subject (of which there is a total of 12) and year of publication.

Old reports can still offer insight, whether through their distinctive presentation of subjects, or as a source of ideas for policies to address them. Questions about either the website or NPI can still be sent (with a fair chance of a reply) to info(at)