Unemployment rates in London by borough

  • Published: Oct 22, 2013

The map below looks at the proportion of working age adults who are unemployed across London’s boroughs in three time periods: 2004-06, the recession years of 2007-09, and the three years since, 2010-12. By clicking the years you can see the levels change. Hover the cursors over the borough to see the value for each period.

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Firstly and most obviously, unemployment goes up everywhere between 2006 and 2012. The map is a darker green in later years. And in many cases, the boroughs with high levels of unemployment then – Tower Hamlets, Barking – are those with the highest levels now.

But the exceptions are interesting. Whereas the highest level of unemployment used to be found in Tower Hamlets, it is now found further out in Barking and Newham.  Ealing now has a higher level of unemployment than Hackney. Waltham Forest has a higher level than Lewisham, Hillingdon a higher level than Camden or Islington. Westminster, Kensington and Wandsworth, all in Inner London, stand out for their low rates of unemployment.