Work and Pay

Raising Awareness of the European Employment Strategy in the UK

  • Published 2nd May 2005
  • Authors: Peter Kenway,
  • Category: Work and Pay

This is the final report for the project 'Raising Awareness of the European Employment Strategy' in the UK. The main purpose of the report is to make suggestions that may help future efforts to raise awareness of the EES. 

Our principal conclusion is that the goal of raising awareness of the EES would be greatly helped by some small changes both to the emphasis of the EES as it is applied to the UK, and to the way in which the EES process operates. Specifically:

  • EES would be more distinctive in the UK policy debate if it placed greater stress on matters which are seen as important in the UK but where the UK does badly and where its policy is under-developed. The leading example of this is the problem of raising both job quality and productivity, which is a key theme of the EES. The more distinctive the EES can be, the greater the awareness of it will be.
  • At present, the EES process is one in which the Commission challenges the national governments, who then respond. In the UK at least, this is a rather closed process. If, instead, the National Action Plan not only defended the UK but also, in turn, challenged the wide range of UK partners whose actions contribute to achieving EES goals, there would be a greater need for awareness of the EES than is the case at the moment.

About this report
This report was part funded by the European Commission and written by Peter Kenway. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Commission.