The Costs of the Joint Provision of Services in Rural Communities

  • Published 22nd Dec 2000
  • Authors: Andy Harrop, , Guy Palmer,
  • Category: Services

This report sets out the findings of an initial study undertaken by the New Policy Institute on behalf of the Countryside Agency into the costs of the ‘joint provision of services’ in rural areas. The term ‘joint provision of services’ is used to cover any situation where two or more services are delivered from a single location, such as a building or a vehicle.

The objective of the study has been to identify the basic economic arguments for joint provision by detailing some of the financial issues that need to be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed with a particular joint provision opportunity. As such, it aims to complement other research undertaken by the Countryside Agency into the origins, scale, nature and quality of joint provision.

About this report
This report was written for the Countryside Agency by Andy Harrop and Guy Palmer. The views expressed here are those of the New Policy Institute and should not be attributed to anyone else.