Income and Poverty

Responsibility For All: A National Strategy for Social Inclusion

  • Published 10th Jan 2001
  • Authors: Catherine Howarth, , Peter Kenway, , Guy Palmer,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

This report considers the future strategy for combating poverty and social exclusion in the United Kingdom. It is the result of a year-long study, conducted by the New Policy Institute and the Fabian Society, with direct contributions from over a hundred individuals from major private companies, trade unions, academia, the civil service, and voluntary and community sector bodies.

The study had two overall objectives:

  • To consider the scope of a strategy to combat poverty and social exclusion involving all sectors, and what issues, beyond those already identified by government, might reasonably be addressed by such a strategy. 
  • To consider with people outside of government what actions they could take to combat poverty and social exclusion, and what role government might play to make this happen.

About this report
This report was published by the new Policy Institute and the Fabian Society and written by Catherine Howarth, Peter Kenway and Guy Palmer.This report, like all publications of the Fabian Society, represents not the collective views of the Society but only the views of the authors