Income and Poverty

Poverty Reduction Indicators: A Discussion Paper (Republic of Ireland)

  • Published 1st Nov 2002
  • Authors: Guy Palmer, , Mohibur Rahman,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

In January 2001, the Combat Poverty Agency commissioned the New Policy Institute to undertake research into the use of poverty reduction indicators. The study was carried out within the context of a process set up to review the targets and establish indicators under the National Anti-Poverty Strategy (NAPS). Various working groups had been established to propose new targets and indicators in 7 key thematic areas which included education, health, housing, income, unemployment, rural, and urban. 3 cross-cutting themes were also identified which each working group had to incorporate into their discussions; these included women, children and older people, giving a total of 10 subject areas in total being examined.

The objectives of the research were to provide information on relevant indicators of poverty reduction, drawing on national and international experience, to provide data requirements for the poverty reduction indicators, and to provide a structure for assessment. Rather than try to come up with definitive conclusions, the idea behind the research was to contribute to the debate through providing material to support the development by the NAPS Unit of an ‘official’ list of indicators for the future strategy. As well as supporting this process through its discussion of possible subjects for indicators, this report also aims to help subsequent monitoring through its discussion of possible definitions of indicators for particular subjects.

It takes the form of a handbook which is designed to provide practical assistance in the process of indicator selection and definition.

About this report
This report was commissioned by the Combat Poverty Agency (RoI) and written by Guy Palmer and Mohibur Rahman.