Income and Poverty

Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion in Scotland 2004

  • Published 29th Nov 2004
  • Authors: Guy Palmer, , Jane Carr, , Peter Kenway,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

This report is an independent assessment of the progress being made in Scotland to tackle poverty and social exclusion.

Updating the 2002 edition, this report tracks 40 indicators of poverty and social exclusion in Scotland. Using the latest data, the report illustrates both trends over time and differences relating to social class, age, gender, ethnicity and local authority area.

The authors find contrasting trends for different groups. For example, poverty for children and pensioners is falling but is rising for working-age adults without dependent children. They also find large geographic differences within Scotland, though these vary across subjects: geographic patterns of low pay, for instance, differ greatly from those for deprivation more generally.

The report raises a number of questions for policy. These focus on:

  • working-age adults without dependent children; 
  • economically inactive people wanting paid work; 
  • low-quality jobs; 
  • and Scotland’s relative ill health. 

About this report
This report was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and written by Guy Palmer, Jane Carr and Peter Kenway. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Foundation.