Housing and Homelessness

Housing and Neighbourhoods Monitor

  • Published 1st Sep 2006
  • Authors: Guy Palmer, , Peter Kenway, , Steve Wilcox,
  • Category: Housing and Homelessness

The aim of this report is to harness the power of statistics to provide an overall picture of what is happening in terms of housing and neighbourhoods in the United Kingdom. The material is wide ranging in its scope, providing analysis of all aspects of housing and neighbourhoods. So, for example, the housing material addresses such questions as: Do we have enough housing and is it in the right place and of the right size? Is the available housing affordable, both for people on average incomes and for those on lower incomes? Which groups of the population are not having their housing needs met? How secure is people’s housing situation? And what are the trends in those aspects of housing which impact on the environment? For each of these broad questions, the analysis then covers a range of subjects. For example, the material relating to ‘what are the trends in those aspects of housing which impact on the environment?’ covers non-decent homes, energy efficiency, fuel poverty, use of brownfield sites and density of development.

About this report
This report was funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation and written by Guy Palmer, Peter Kenway and Steve Wilcox. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of JRF .