Economic Policy

Beyond Privatisation: Government Strategies for Influencing Outcomes

  • Published 1st Jul 1998
  • Authors: Peter Kenway, , Guy Palmer, , Keith Ruddle,
  • Category: Economic Policy

The aim of this paper is to stimulate discussion about possible new forms of  government intervention.

The performance of our major services, from health and education to the  privatised utilities and personal finance, is of vital importance in modern  society, both directly (because of the impact on citizens’ well-being) and  indirectly (because of the political significance and sensitivity). If the  government is dissatisfied with the performance of a major service industry,  what sorts of strategies does it have for doing something about it? Nearly a year into the period of office of a new government, with decisions to be made about a range of services and continuing public dissatisfaction with some key services, the time for such a debate is ripe.