Council Tax

Council tax support schemes in 2017-18: what are the key issues ahead of councils’ decisions?

Commissioned by: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • Published 25th Jan 2017
  • Category: Council Tax

This briefing, based on a reading of CTS scheme consultation documents, highlights the following considerations for CTS in the coming financial year:

  • Further increases to the minimum payment, the amount that claimants have to pay regardless of income. Several councils that do not currently have a minimum payment are planning to introduce them. Several of the councils with the highest minimum payments are considering further increases. In choosing to do this, rather than look at alternative means of raising revenue, councils are placing the burden of the reduced funding on their poorest residents.
  • Mimicking changes to other benefits in CTS calculations, such as how self-employment income is treated under Universal Credit, which can also have significant impacts on low-income residents. 
  •  A small number of councils are making schemes more generous, citing the increase in administration costs required to chase small amounts of money from low income claimants.

About this report
This briefing was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and written by Adam Tinson of the New Policy Institute. The views expressed in this briefing are those of the authors and not necessarily those of JRF.