Housing and Homelessness

Housing, poverty and the private rented sector

  • Published: Feb 28, 2013
  • Author: Hannah Aldridge
  • Category: Housing and Homelessness

Today JRF published a findings paper on the links between housing and poverty. It covers the headline housing and poverty statistics but also the dynamics between housing, work and benefits in combination.

The more weight that is attached to housing and its links to poverty the better. The last two annual Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion reports have had chapters devoted to housing as these links are so strong. This is no clearer than in the private rented sector as we explored in a previous blog.

Because of the clear link between housing and poverty in the data we chose it as the topic for our first infographic (below). The data here clearly shows the need for more attention on housing in particular the private rented sector, echoing the findings of today’s JRF paper.


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