What we do


Research topics

We carry out research on a range of economic and social policy areas including poverty, social security, housing and economics. These areas clearly overlap, and our knowledge of one area often assists the analysis and understanding of another.

How we work

While our interest is in the bigger picture, our research is always grounded in the data. Our work mainly involves data analysis using official data sources, however, we also carry out primary data collection and qualitative research. 

Our target audience

Our public research is directed at a wide audience, including policy-makers, policy-influencers and the general public. We aim to present our findings in the most accessible way possible, incorporating graphs and other visuals where possible.

Deciding what to research

We work both actively, defining our own research topics, and in response to tenders, suggestions and requests from others. We very much welcome being approached in this manner, either to collaborate  or to consult on a particular topic.


We do not see a publication as the end of a piece of research. Dissemination is just as important and we try to engage with our audience as much as possible. We speak at events and conferences, write blogs, and  contribute to newspapers and broadcast media.