Poverty has not left east London, but it has changed

povertypovertys Poverty Profile…So what has happened to the poverty indicators over that period…work poverty.…work poverty at a borough level by looking at the housing

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The other side of London’s success

s Poverty Profile… shows poverty continuing to change in London…work poverty and housing stress… but also has the highest poverty rates of anywhere in the UK. Driven in part

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Growth in the self-employed sharpens the policy challenges for pensions and poverty

loyment income has consequences for tackling poverty and ensuring people are providing for their … pension provision and poverty reduction.… In terms of reducing poverty

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The short and long term problems for tackling poverty in Wales

povertypovertyMonitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion… challenges to how it thinks and responds to poverty. The first of these is the longer term compo…sitional changes to poverty

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Response to the latest poverty numbers

The latest official poverty figures for 2013…is that the picture on poverty in 2013…The overall poverty rate…The child poverty rate is 27.7…The pensioner poverty rate is 13.8

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Taxing disability benefits is plain wrong

povertypovertyour evidence review on disability and poverty benefits. The implications of this are that poverty rates among disabled people are understated

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Scotland's poverty challenges

The poverty debate in Scotland is at a crucial moment. O…been a redoubling of efforts around reducing poverty in Scotland. This has not just come from the

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Effective services have an increasingly important role to play in reducing the burden of poverty

singly important role to play in alleviating poverty.…povertypovertyMonitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion… report published this week is the poverty reducing capacity of public services. Termed

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