Disabled people need to be at the centre of any attempt to tackle poverty

povertypoverty long term conditions and poverty at the All Party Parliamentary Group on disa…povertypoverty strategy…poverty strategy.… one in three people in poverty in the UK is either disabled or lives with a

  • Author: Tom MacInnes
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Council tax arrears rise fastest where support is cut most

In recent days, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has released new statistics on council tax collection in England. Covering the period April 2013 to March 2014, it is the fir…

  • Author: Sabrina Bushe
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This year's poverty numbers are interesting, but next year's matter more

latest official poverty numbers… of the distribution to be unchanged and the poverty rate to remain at 16…What_will_the_latest_poverty_data_tell_us_technical_note.pdf

  • Author: Hannah Aldridge
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Help to Buy, but not to keep?

. From a poverty perspective

  • Author: Adam Tinson
  • Category: Social Security and Welfare Reform



Housing benefit cuts in London push low-paid families into poverty

ce the incomes of working families below the poverty line.…33 per week above the poverty line. But as they are subjected to the reduc…22 below the poverty line. For workless families the situation is

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Work is not enough in the Scottish poverty debate

s poverty challenges for the Joseph Rowntree Foundatio…povertypoverty focuses on work and poverty. Although sustained growth in employment cou…ld bring about large falls in poverty

  • Author: Adam Tinson
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Do public services work for low income working households?

work poverty. Even 20 years ago… 4 in 10 of all children in poverty belonged to working households.… way above half. The rise in poverty among working households with children has b

  • Author: Peter Kenway
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The independence referendum debate on housing in Scotland needs to go beyond the so-called 'bedroom tax'

poverty looking at the links between housing and poverty. The aim of these briefings is to ensure tha…on effect for poverty. Whilst Scotland has seen considerable impro

  • Author: Hannah Aldridge
  • Category: Income and Poverty