Scotland's poverty challenges

The poverty debate in Scotland is at a crucial moment. O…been a redoubling of efforts around reducing poverty in Scotland. This has not just come from the

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Effective services have an increasingly important role to play in reducing the burden of poverty

singly important role to play in alleviating poverty.…povertypovertyMonitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion… report published this week is the poverty reducing capacity of public services. Termed

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The labour market is failing too many people

Monitoring_Poverty_and_Social_Exclusion_2014.pdf…nation for a family trying to stay above the poverty line.

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Housing problems for private renters do not stop at affordability: quality and security are also crucial

The growing number of private renters in poverty has been one of the biggest poverty changes …e of the biggest shifts that we have seen in poverty over the last decade has been an almost doub

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While the number of benefit claimants is falling, flaws are emerging in the system

povertypovertyMonitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion report… independent assessment of poverty and other forms of disadvantage across the U…Monitoring_Poverty_and_Social_Exclusion_2014.pdf

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Addressing the cost of living from a poverty perspective requires a multipronged approach

povertypovertyPeople in poverty or on low incomes can experience rises in th…The second general way in which those in poverty can experience the cost of living differentl

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The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission have offered leadership: who will follow?

by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission has the potential to be the most …important official statement on child poverty since Tony Blair…poverty campaigners and the institutions identified

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Poverty challenges in a post-referendum Scotland

ing some of the facts and trends relating to poverty in Scotland ahead of the referendum. The pur…s attempts to tackle poverty compared to the rest of the UK across housin

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